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Not sure how it will integrate with MySpace since its Java-based... no Java in MySpace. Sitepal is already integrating into MySpace... I know because some cute girl just left me a MySpace message saying she liked my SitePal. :)

Xen Mendelsohn (Dolev)

The web is just another sphere to try different personalities and characteristics to explore ourselves. In that way, there's no real difference between a virtual world, a game or a chat over the web.

Tony Walsh

Darren, the avatars exported from Meez are merely static graphics files, not animated or interactive 3D characters. Wherever you'd use a GIF or JPG online, you can use your Meez picture. No special technology at work here.

I recommend creating an avatar yourself to see how it's done and what the export options are. It took me under 10 minutes to do a test-run.

Sean Ryan

To Tony's point, he's right that the current Meez export options are static files, but since the Meez are actually built in 3D, you will see us roll out much more animated options shortly -it's only been a week :). - Sean Ryan

Sean Ryan

To Charlies point, Meez is java-based as a creation tool, but we can export the Meez avatars in wide variety of formats, starting with the current JPEG versions which work on MySpace, but soon expanding into more interactive ones.


3D faces animated in video format from users' photos can be ordered at, a good number of them for free.

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