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I'm just glad the ridiculous MLB lawsuit was lost, where they were trying to sue fantasy baseball leagues for using stats (which are, as the court ruled, public record and historical facts.) It would be like if I took stats on how many bites it took you to eat your burger and you sued me for copyright infringement. But the fact that they went after them shows that it's big business - they never would have bothered the couple of geeks my dad did a league with a work many years ago. What baseball should do is the "freemium" and try to own the best fantasy league. Because they own all the content, they could show you your virtual team every day. That would be the premium. Imagine if you have Derek Jeter at short, Albert Pujols at First and Pedro Martinez as your pitcher and it runs through their hilights all in a row? But no, instead of being imaginative they try to shut down the very leagues that generate so much more interest in the sport in the first place.

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