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MySpace as a fad? I agree. However there are plenty of niche networks with specialized functionality that will retain their value to both consumers and advertisers.


Intersting post!
I guess there is also (and always) a question of critical mass.

MySpace can satisfy new users because there are 55M of existing users.
Airtroductions got a fuel injection beginning of the year, reaching 200 to 500 subscriptions a day for a few months, and then back down.
Then there is also the answer to a user's need, and a question of needs vs age of users.

Discussed it here:

My 2 cents !

Kim Dillon

I think it is hard to compare a national or shezze, international behemoth like myspace to a cool club in LA. First, off, myspace is much bigger than any one club in the world. Its like saying can you get rid of Wal-Mart. Second, Myspace, really is what you make it. You can change and morph into something new. That being said, a Myspace Second Life Convergence would be interesting. . .
Good work sir!

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