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Didn't MySpace prove that theory wrong already?


As a consumer, I hear about a new artist from a newsfeed, on a blog, or from some other sort of tastemaker.

My next move is to usually follow the links to something like MySpace where I can sample the music.

If I really love the band, I can save their profile location to a bookmark and keep revisiting it and stay updated with information. Where most of these networks like MySpace, TagWorld, and PureVolume fall short is the inability to stay easily updated with content, share that discovery, and to monetize the discovery experience for the artist and label.

And yes, I've put my money where my mouth is. Here's a list of some bands that I've heard on the web and purchased:

The Black Angels (KCRW podcast)
Thunderbirds Are Go!podcast)
Ladytron (75 Minutes podcast)
The Outline (Hi My Name Is Mark podcast)

While I understand that I'm usually a few years ahead of the curve on this stuff, I clearly see non-traditional digital distribution becoming more and more important to both artist promotion and revenue.

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